Your Own WordPress Website

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Your Own WordPress Website

One important part of an online presence is having your own website.

The guru’s say you can succeed as an online marketer without a website, and it’s true that you can. What they don’t tell you is that you can only do so by selling their products for them using their programs.  A professional online marketer must have a stable online presence to establish authority and become a successful entrepreneur.  Fortunately, it is a simple matter for anyone to have their own website.

If you don’t have the knowledge and experience for building your own website, you have a simple alternative- WordPress is used by millions to build their own websites with no knowledge of HTML or other technical details.  WordPress is a ready-made website shell that can be customized with simple editing and plug-ins.  There are thousands of plug-ins available.   WordPress is totally customizable without web programming knowledge.  Anyone can do it!  Lee Murray, who was one of my most important mentors, offers a complete Online Marketing package he calls the 60-Minute Empire which includes training videos that will step you through simple, easy set-up of your WordPress website!

If you don’t already have  your own website, you have two options- you can start out with a free website at IDPLR, or you can get a site hosted by a trusted hosting site like Bluehost.  They both come highly. recommended.  At Bluehost you get comprehensive web-hosting services, while at IDPLR you get both web hosting and access to a massive library of PLR products to sell as your own.  The main difference is the free hosting at IDPLR  has limits on space which won’t affect you until you’ve grown a fair amount, while Bluehost offers unlimited growth potential.

There are three important points to note here:

  1. You must have your own domain name (URL) to be taken seriously as an Online Marketer,
  2. Do NOT use a hosting site that won’t allow your own domain name as primary URL,
  3. If you have no experience setting up a website, no worries, get these 300+ tutorial videos.