Done-For-You Funnels

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Done-For-You Funnels

The vendors who sell their products through affiliates will tell you that the quickest way to profits in Online Marketing is through affiliate marketing or selling your own products.   What they don’t tell you is that selling their product as an affiliate only pays a commission and they get the rest- including your mailing list.   Selling your own product pays 100% commission!  Which option makes the most sense to you?

Lee Murray, who was one of my most valuable mentors, is a strong believer in the use of done-for-you (DFY) funnels.  He has has created a complete Online Marketing plan that uses other people’s funnels.  He even calls one part of the plan OPF Madness.  Lee’s 60-Minute Empire is an excellent package for a beginning Online Marketer to build on- it is both complete and lucrative.  Lee has created a great money-making plan with some valuable mentoring built in. Check it out HERE.

The good news is you can sell products as your own without the time and expense of developing your own product.  For the fastest path to selling your own products you can acquire Private Resell Rights (PLR) to products created by others.  You can find more information on PLR marketing at IDPLR.  Join for free and check out their “Getting Started” and “Training” tabs.   Many PLR products will be packaged  with prebuilt ads and sales pages (referred to as funnels) for you to use.

Learn more about Affiliate Marketing by joining the FREE Affiliate Marketers’ Club listed in the banner below.  Inside that membership site you’ll find a set of training videos that will open your eyes to what affiliate marketing is all about.  You’ll finally discover a system that works (the same system the top affiliate marketers in the world use).  And you’ll find out the truth about building a big, responsive audience that rabidly consumes everything you send their way.

Products available for affiliate marketing often include the funnels already prepared and provided for your use.  This is not always the case, but you can choose to market only packages that come complete with marketing funnels.

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